There have been a lot of frameworks and methodologies out there that helps an organization take a thorough self-inventory and assess their standing in the industry so that they can methodically plot out their strategy for a set period of time. Companies have employed Porter’s 5 Forces Model, SWOT Analysis, Value Chain Analysis, Business Model Canvas, SCP Model, and other tried and tested frameworks. The primary problem that Overmind sees with these models, although they are very much effective at high, executive levels within the organization, is that these strategies do not permeate culture and it does not reach the depths of the hierarchy.


Overmind has developed a framework based on story that allows the members of the organization to see their company as a living, breathing, organism, who is actually a protagonist in a moving story. This framework, which follows the patterns of a Dramatic Arc, allows the leaders of the organization to make the same self-inventory and assessment of the industry but in terms of its corporate narrative with the goal of allowing it to define its organizational drama, its own story as the source of its strategy.

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