We are a
storytelling company

We create stories, we tell stories, we help people and organizations tell theirs.

We preach the power of story and how it can transform not just

the audience but also organizations.

We Do

Content Creation Consulting

Overmind creates original content in whatever form as long as it can carry a story. We write short films, feature films, documentaries, corporate narratives, social media narratives, plays, musicals, anything and everything that tells a story.
Our pool of award-winning writers can mine the story hidden in your organization’s core and transform it into the most suitable and effective form.


We can write it for you, or with you.
Or we can help and teach you write it yourself.


We help others do

Strategic Storytelling Consulting

Overmind has been preaching the power of
storytelling since its foundation. We also believe that story provides a more emphatic, participative, and collaborative framework to craft an organizational
strategy. In short, we believe that a company’s story is its own strategy.

We facilitate strategic planning and team-building workshops that employ story as the framework in formulating strategy.

This framework will help members of the organization see their company as a living protagonist moving in its own dramatic arc.

Through this, we hope to transform your story into a strategy that will help you become who you aspire to be.

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The Storytelling Training Suite

Storytelling is not a trade secret. But it is the secret to successful organizational development.

Our cadre of celebrated storytellers will share with you
everything we know about the art and science of story
and storytelling.


We’ll teach your teams to collaborate better,

Your leaders to communicate better.

We can teach you story so that you can build your own
Storytelling Culture in your organization.

Ready to start telling stories better?

Let us know how we can help you with your stories.