Our Philosophy

Change the World, One Story at a Time has been the company battle cry of Overmind since it’s inception. This slogan is the distillation of the beliefs and values developed by the community derived from the teachings of one of their mentors, the late film legend Marilou Diaz-Abaya.


The ideal is bold but we recognize that we have the tools and the means to make it happen—we have story which is a natural art found within all of us. Overmind commits to employing this ancient artform in transforming lives of individuals and organization and to teaching this artform to as many preachers as possible.


Story is a very powerful human invention to help us survive, grow, and expand horizons. Overmind sees Story as the core of all its products and as the main driver of innovation and corporate culture.

Our History

Overmind began in 2012, in a small garage in Mandaluyong, when a group of friends led by X Vallez was approached by the Ayala Foundation to create two series of videos for their Text 2 Teach initiative with the Department of Education. As film professionals affiliated with the recently-closed Marilou Diaz-Abaya Film Institute came streaming into the group, Overmind grew into a production company. We functioned as a production company for a year, shooting AVP’s and commercials, including one for LBC that garnered industry attention.


In the projects we took outside of advertising, clients have come to value our storytelling acumen as well as our production capacity. This was especially true with NGO clients like REID and USAID, for whom Overmind personnel were employed as consultants. This began the company’s shift towards creative and strategic consulting.


Having developed creative content for clients such as Fox Philippines and the Supreme Court of the Philippines, and having consulted for clients such as the Department of Transportation and the Department of Tourism, Overmind is confident in the skill and experience of its consultants as it completes its shift into a storytelling company that focuses on creative and strategic consulting.