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Project Name: UA&P CTL  Capacity Building for Educational Video Production
Client: UA&P Center For Training (CTL)
What OVM did: Capacity Building (Consultancy with Training) and Educational Video Production

A lot has changed since the pandemic. Digitalization became a key component moving forward. Every resource should be readily available on demand—from food, transport, entertainment, and even in education. In early 2022, we were in discussion with the UA&P Center for Training and Learning (CTL) regarding the creation of  videos for different lecture materials. This is to support the asynchronous learning they have designed during the pandemic. Students should have access to different modes of learning. I got excited because this project is our forte. Since the beginning of Overmind, our group has been formed with a unique set of artists. Our team is composed of educators who happen to be filmmakers too. We understand the key components needed to translate lessons into an educational video for students. 

As the discussion progressed, however, my project partner (Christian Vallez aka X) and I realized that this project won't be sustainable for them in the long term. The cost to make a proper educational video, plus the lectures that need to be recorded for each different course, will just be too expensive for them. How many lectures in one semester need to be recorded? Will they be able to easily update the content regularly? Such questions led us to find a different solution. We proposed that CTL create the videos themselves and Overmind will equip them with the skills needed for film production. We designed a 12-day intensive workshop spread around 3 months. By the end of the workshop, Overmind and the participants will create an educational video as one team. We assigned each participant to different departments, from script development to post production. 

X and I, together with CTL, started setting everything up as quickly as possible. We trained their team for 3 months. We also assisted them in procuring the necessary equipment. It was a new experience for all of them. The students quickly realized that this is not the same as creating youtube content. 

Together, we explored the camera as a tool for education. The students learned to harness the language of cinema to create effective learning materials. This is why I love projects like this. Everytime we teach, we also learn from the students. We learn from each other. When the workshop ended, the CTL and Overmind team began filming the first educational video. It was a success.

A month later, Overmind was tasked to edit a marketing video for UA&P.  Another team has already shot the necessary footage. Overmind just had to finish the post-production. Guess which production team shot the interview? It all came full circle.

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