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Trade Tayo

Project Name: Trade Tayo! 

Client: DTI

What OVM did: Consultancy, Training, and Production

When the pandemic struck, DTI was looking for ways to connect to consumers and MSMEs through digital channels. At first, DTI wanted Overmind to write, direct, and produce a talk show to be hosted by someone from DTI to talk about how the government can help MSMEs and consumers especially during the pandemic. 

We saw an opportunity here to test our model of teaching organizations how to tell stories. Instead of producing the show ourselves, we offered a training program for their team that graduates into an internship/on-the-job training in the show being produced.

Overmind came up with the concept for “Trade Tayo!”, a weekly talkshow hosted by Asec. Jean Pacheco. Overmind collaborated with the e-Commerce team of DTI in planning, outlining, writing, and developing the content, directing the show, and broadcasting it via Youtube and FB.

The first season was all shot in 3 days at the PTTC studio of the DTI in Manila. The entire first season was taped as live and released weekly. Due to succeeding stricter lockdowns, the following seasons had to be directed online via Streamyard and was broadcast live so that viewers can ask live questions or type in comments as the show ran. 

DTI wanted to be able to run the show themselves eventually and by the end of season 3, DTI was confident enough to produce the 4th season without the help of Overmind. However, due to the high turnover rate of the staff at DTI, they needed us to renew our contract for another two seasons to supervise a new team.

This partnership with DTI was the perfect case study for Overmind’s Capacity Building service that follows our train-and-produce framework echoing our battlecry “Change the world one story at a time.” Overmind always wanted to teach organizations how to tell their own stories because we always believed that they are their own best storytellers.  

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