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DTI Legacy

Project Name: DTI Legacy

Client: DTI

What OVM did: Concept to Video

We have begun as filmmakers so we enjoy it immensely when we have the chance to participate in a project that actually allows us to conceptualize, pre-produce, shoot and post-produce a video. This was one of those projects. The brief was to produce a video that sums up the achievement of the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry under the leadership of Secretary Ramon Lopez. And we had to do it in one shooting day. This was eventually adjusted to two days as it was impossible with everyone’s busy schedules. We interviewed four Undersecretaries, three Assistant Secretaries, the Director General of the Intellectual Property Office and Secretary Lopez himself. Though the budget only allowed for one day of shoot, we were happy to add one more day at no cost as we felt this was an important project and getting it right was important.

The shoot was a joy. We stuck to our 12 hour work rule, kept everybody well-fed, and, with the help of DTI staff, saved time and effort through stellar logistical preparation. It was complicated because of the schedule but a breeze because of the DTI’s preparedness and cooperation. A happy shoot.

The trust DTI showed us was evident in the minimal back-seat-driving that took place. With a project this important, we expected a lot of over-the-shoulder monitoring. It was not this way with this project. The client trusted us enough to give us freedom to exercise skills we have spent a decade perfecting. And we were happy to delight them in the end. It takes trust and preparation to have a project run as smoothly as this.

This project was a joy and has become a fond memory in our journey as a company.

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